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Skullwarez's Island of Desolation
Game Projects


Game Projects

Our Projects

Here you can download our game projects!
PLEASE NOTE: You cannot under any circumstances do the following, take credit for work in the games, edit the games in anyway, take graphics without full permission from the creator.
Please enjoy, alot of effort was put into each game!

Monkey Island 5 : A Dream of Monkey Island or the Fourth Trial By Ben
On November 17th, 2003, A boy named Ben, who lives in Hamar, Norway, had just gotten Klik and Play, a game making utility created by the kind people of, was bored.
Thus, Monkey Island 5 was born into it's first shape.
Adventure alongside Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate, to find the s ecret of Puertlantis, The Underwater City of Puerto Pollo.
Chased by a ghost from the past, and a certain Devil Zombie Ghost Pirate who has now taken quite a weird excistence, Guybrush Must find out the secret. Rumour has it though, that the penalty of failure is Death.
What will become of the Caribbean then?
You help him find the secret, so there will be another Monkey Island game in the future.
The End is near.
For Good or for Evil.
Skullwarez Entertainment Uberskull

Ben's Monkey Island 5

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